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Booth Set Up

Preparation and Guidelines



 Please be on time and plan ahead. 


  • Set up begins 2 hours before each market from 8-9:30. If you arrive after 10:00 you forfeit your space and will not be allowed to set-up.

  • Please unload directly into your booth footprint and begin set up from there. You may drive right up to the market location & unload.

  • Break down begins as soon as the market ends. No early closure is allowed.

  • Lastly, check out this handy checklist that will help with making sure you've got everything you need.

This is an intuitive process and we aim to work together and avoid micromanaging the process. Please be considerate, kind & patient, we are all trying to get set-up.


We encourage you to express yourselves as you wish as long as it is family friendly and welcomes people from all walks of life. We want to know who you are! All vendors are expected to bring their own signage, tents, tables, chairs etc.

  • Hand painted or professionally printed signs are equally acceptable, but you must display your booth name.

  • If you are using a tent, weights MUST be used or you will be instructed to pack up. It's the law and our local fire department can fine us for noncompliance. Each leg must have an attached 15 pound weight, no exceptions.

  • Tents need to be clean and no larger than your allowed space size.

  • Full size booth spaces are 10 x 10 feet, which is exactly the standard event tent size (a huge selection of styles and colors can be found on Amazon at a reasonable price).



We must all follow state and city laws.

  • If you do not have a license, a daily permit can be purchased through us for $5 per day.

  • Please arrive with a sealed envelope with the fee in cash with your first/last name and "day permit" printed on it.

  • Each vendor must be set up to accept payment via credit/debit card.

  • If this is new to you, check into They will send you a free credit card reader and process credit/debit payments for a very low percentage of each sale.

  • If you are including sales tax in your price, please display this information in your booth.



  • Seasonal fees are due upon approval in full. You will receive a Square invoice.

  • No refunds, no exceptions.

  • No shows = not asked back. 

  • Please communicate if an emergency arises and you can not attend on a scheduled market.

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