What is La Paloma?

La Paloma is an outdoor "street market" dedicated to serving a diverse community. Inspired by the gritty beauty of Tacoma, La Paloma (the pigeon), embodies the industrious, entrepreneurial spirit of our not-so-little city. It is our mission to not only provide quality shopping experiences for the community to enjoy, but to uplift, inspire, and promote the unique and hardworking artisans, upcyclers, thrifters, pickers, collectors, hoarders, zero wasters, sustainable handmakers, gardeners, farmers, food vendors and creative small-business owners that call the Pacific Northwest home.

We operate in the Proctor district of Tacoma across the street from the Proctor Farmer's Market, nestled in by the Post Office on North 27th Street & Proctor. Our season operates every Saturday from 10-3 June 13th through September 12th. 

Who We Are

As a long time champion for artists and small-businesses, creating La Paloma Marketplace has been a dream come true. Helping entrepreneurs develop successful businesses is my passion... and being able to provide steady, accessible, and unique sales venues for blooming business owners is just the beginning! I adore Tacoma, and it's variety of neighborhoods. It's my commitment to this town, and helping to bring the creative community together that drives everything I do. I can't wait to meet you all this summer!


Molly Alvarado

La Paloma Marketplace Founder and Executive Director

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